What are Shadows of the Heart?

There are some affairs you simply cannot turn your back on. – Their connection cannot be severed instead, they become Shadows of the Heart.

Finding true love can sometime lead you into a web of twists and complicated relationships. No matter what happens, the shocking truth will come out and hidden emotions will only lead to despair even tragedy. Author Lord’Williams tells an enduring drama about complex relationships, living double lifestyles, and their consequences in Shadows of the Heart.

The story began when the twenty-five year marriage of, William R. Green and wife, Yvonne teetered on the brink of divorce when an extra-marital affair committed by the wife was discovered. Forced to leave home, Yvonne takes refuge in the arms of N.Y.P.D. Lt. Robert Wells, her former partner and the same man whom she was having the affair. During a vacation in the Bahamas, Yvonne began to have second thoughts after paying a visit to a local witch.

Meanwhile, businesswoman, Dana find herself struggling to maintain her pointed deliveries, and face the threat of losing her top clients after a series of misfortunes. But as if losing money was not bad enough, she could not find any peace from her insecure boyfriend, Kevin, who demand that she choose between her long-term friendship with her former lover William, or him.

Complicating matters further is Joann, who seek to reclaim her former lover William, who returns to her side ready to do battle and to comfort her. Encircled in William’s arms, Joann spoke, through the congestion in her chest and her runny nose, “Why does it have to hurt, to love you?” Pain shot straight to William’s heart, but the pain he felt would never surpass the pain, heartache and problems he’d caused in the lives of his previous lovers like Dana, Andrea, Grace, and Joann.

Robert become unable to accept Yvonne’s rejection of him makes plans to kill William. While William’s best friend, Jake becomes fixated on unraveling the secrets, the lies, and the murders from William dark past. Will this web of deceit and tangled relationships come to a bitter end? Read the book to find out.

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