We pray and we pray. Most of us even go to church and seek council from our clergy. We read our bibles, look through dream books, join support groups, meditate, have one nightstands, even commit robbery and murder to bring forth answers which our souls cry to the heavens for. 

-Why are there so many Christians, Muslims, Jews, all children of God seeking and not finding the answers and reasoning to their pain? One person had an issue which they passed on to me, and their question was: Why are so many Christians not being healed, or not being delivered from their pain of being raped, or being molested as an child? –But it’s not just Christians, it can be anyone of God’s children who may feel abandon because they have a pain which is untouchable by man, yet not touched by the heavens.

Do you think God is listening? Were you delivered from your pain? What issue have you been struggling with and yet to find an answer or the understanding for your pain? -Would you be so kind but to share it… 

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