Welcome to my website. This site is undergoing some revisions. The overall design remained the same as before, the contents is being updated. Because I design, maintain, and gather content for the site, I tend to fall way behind in keeping it fresh, which in this business is a “no, no.” I do promise to so better… How? (you ask), because I’ve retired from my 9 to 5, which was more like 12am to 4pm damn near 6 days a week, has left me with time to devote to one of my favorite passion, writing.

I realized that back in the past I spread myself pretty thin. Working long hours on the job, working long hours after the job on hobbies and projects, eating poorly and not sleeping left my body to suffer from neglect, but I thank God for giving me a day to raise to make it right, or at least to make it better. So come back and visit often to see what’s new. I plan to consolidate a lot of the things I do and into such as the things I crochet, the photographs I take, my plant life, videos and chats with from fans and much, much more. See you soon!

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