Mistress No More  (Book 2)– Niobia Bryant

The drama continues. Finding out which husband defaulted on their loyalty, all HELL has broken loose and no one is living in a happy home. The lives of these fur women has changed, and time itself is the biggest stress-er.


My, my, my this series is only getting better. As an author I wondered how Ms. Bryant was going to start this volume of the series, and than I wondered where the he’ll will she take it? Well this author answered my questions and then some, and how so you asked? Well the life of the characters are driven by the story-line,  the story-line is driven by the subplots, the subplots are defined and executed by the author’s Character Development Skills.  Poor Character Development leads to weak characters,  undefined subplots, confusion, and sloppy execution of other elements needed to tell a good story. The author Ms. Bryant was able to take her characters and take this story into a direction I didn’t consider and to that I say, “Bravo!”

My version of this novel was an audio book purchased from Audible.com. It was narrated by (the  seductive voice of the grown and sex), Scoozi Cheyenne (Ooo I got a thang for this woman). The book runs for 9 hours and 23 minutes, which is about the average time 10 hours audio book (ruffly around or above 300 pages), and it was Published by: Recorded Books.

Now how did author Niobia craft this tale? Well do you remember those issues our 3 herons had back in, “Message from a Mistress?” Well those issues never did get resolved in the first book because the issues was used as pawns, but in this venture those same issues are strongholds which must be addressed. Now can you say ‘drama.’ Now I love me some drama, and a good damn cat fight, and the author severed me up a plate that left my belly full, and tongue dangling.

The three friends Jaime, Renee and Aria who all had some deep dark secrets which was unknown to each other back in the first book was now comforted with the realization that their perfect world and secrets lifestyles have crumbled and surfaced. Picking up the pieces and moving forward became a challenge for each all the women, and their mates.

The character development was excellent. Each person was unique and believable, although it was interesting to see the Wandering Husband, had undergone a personality change, well actually he displayed several personalities, but the author did established how he was capable of changing personalities within the first novel, which helped with making what was uncharacteristic, plausible. The plot was driven by the subplots of each woman’s situation. Each subplot tension builder was on the mark, which climaxed the story to an explosive ending. 

This is a series I actually like, and I don’t like many. I gave this novel 5 stars out of 5. It was a smashed and a book which will draw you in and have you talking back to the pages. If you haven’t read the, “Mistress Series,” by Niobia Bryant and you like Romance Suspense and Drama, it’s a must read series.



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